Friday, January 13, 2006

Why I Wanted a Knitting Blog

Not only is life often lonely, but knitting reassures, to me anyhow, that a knitting life, which is oftentimes a lonely one, is incredibly lonely. If I am anything in my loneliness, I am a maker. If I am not writing, then it's knitting that calls me. The knitting life and the writing life can both be quite lonely. I knew that I should somehow try to bring these two lives together. I also knew that knitting blogs had helped to bring me to other knitting lives, some lonely, some not.

I love seeing what it is that others make, out of what they make these things and how, in the end, after the making-fact, they feel in relation to their made-objects. I imagine that they too, as I do, must feel a sense of awe. And the aweness, the astonishment seems to say, share. So I will share with others things that I have made and how it is that I made them.

What you should know about me: I am self-taught. I am afraid of other knitters. I am afraid of yarn stores for the fear that others will find me out. I fear that I do not knit the way it ought to be done, which is why I am hesitant to knit in public (but can't help but stare when I see others who do). (I stare in a way that says longing, longing for someone with whom to share my love of yarn and needles and knitting.) Everything that I know about knitting comes from what I have read about knitting--and so, to return the favor to those countless unknowns, I will write.


Brigitte said...

Knitting is also a wonderful way to connect with others. I keep a journal along with everything I knit so when the finished project leaves my hands, the recipient knows the thoughts, events, and memories that are woven into the stitches. Sometimes I even include news clippings. It's a fun way to link history to my creations.

Lone Knitter said...

Thanks so much, Brigitte. That's an awesome idea.

Beverly said...

I used to knit my ABQ SnB group saves my sanity! We have a good time, the women are smart, and not everyone there is going through Comps and other MFA craziness...a nice break from it.

laur said...

i just found your blog randomly, and i wanted to say that i totally understand what you're feeling. i too am scared to go to a yarn shop because i dont want them to realize that i am a horrendous knitter. really. i'm bad.

but i enjoy it and thats why i do it. still doesnt mean i want to SHOW people my shittiness though ; )

so keep it up i enjoy reading your blog!