Saturday, January 21, 2006

Knitting on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Did anyone see Jimmy Kimmel last night? He had this guest on that brought in all these items from the 50s or something like that. Among these items were a rather interestingly shaped toothpick dispenser, "cock flavor" soup, a "family disguise kit" containing fake facial hair and eyeglasses, and a knitting pattern.

The knitting pattern showed Ken (Barbie's Ken) standing next to a weight-lifting set. The entire weight-lifting set was knitted! The barbells, the barbell poles, and the bench. Ken was even wearing a special weight-lifting outfit. There were even weights of different sizes so that Ken could change them as he pleased. What's more, someone actually knitted this thing! The guest placed this knitted contraption on Jimmy Kimmel's desk and I was awestruck! I could imagine some poor intern who was told, Okay, now we need this made by today's show, and Jimmy Kimmel just picked up the contraption and tossed it off-stage.

I wish I could find pictures of this pattern to post here. It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen.

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Beverly said...

I meet lots of MFA knitters! Words and needles and yarn go well together.