Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This FO is REALLY Old

Airy Scarf

I thought that instead of sending along a trite thank you note to someone who has been very kind and giving to me, that I would also send along a knitted gift. I get really paranoid and embarrassed when I do give knitted gifts. I worry that the recipient will think that my gift looks like a beginning knitter made it. (I don't wish to say that beginning knitters make things that look bad--when I was beginning, I made things that looked bad; some beginning knitters do make marvelous things.)

So this "Airy Scarf" from Last Minute Knitted Gifts was sent to a very nice woman who has been so kind to me for no reason at all. I won't say who she is because she's a bit of a celebrity in my writing world. I'll just say that she's a famous poet; and if you ever see a famous poet wearing this scarf, then know it's not coincidence--I made it for her.

I used some Whispers yarn in the Smoke Blue colorway that I bought with the intention of making a stole of sorts a long time ago. No stole; no desire to make one. You see, during that winter, I learned to make socks and haven't had a desire to make much of anything else since then.

I finished knitting a sweater long ago, but I haven't had the desire to sew it up. None at all.

What I'm knitting now: socks for Manly, socks for two socks without mates, more Korknisse for the tree.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wash Day!

Wash Day!

Well, you can certainly tell what the weather has been like judging from this pile of handknit socks. I think there are 12 pairs of socks here, only two of which are Manly's. I think I should knit another pair for him, perhaps as a Christmas gift. He really deserves a pair of socks. For those of you in my sock club, I'll have you know that Manly wrapped all the books up in newspaper. By the end, he was wrapping them up so neatly that he could be employed to wrap gifts professionally. He really helped me to get this last shipment out, and I don't think I could have done it without him.

I have a phone interview later today for a job. Yes, a job. I mean, a JOB JOB. I big job. A real job. The job that I've been going to school forever for. I'm the the academic job market this year. This has implications, but I won't scare anyone yet. I'll deliver news when it's time to deliver news.

The weather outside is very, very frightful, and it seems as if the whole city is wrapped in some strange bubble--everything is off; everything is late. But there was no line at the post office today. It's very strange.

Yesterday, I got a package, so says the on-line tracker, but there was no package to be found. I'm terribly distressed over this--the package was full of something for the sock club. Whoever stole it must be very confused or disappointed.

Update: the package appeared today. Like I said--there's a strange bubble over the city it seems.