Monday, August 30, 2010

More amigurumi

My amigurumi obsession continues. Below is a little frog amigurumi (using the same pattern as the bunny one in the previous post) that I made for my little sister's birthday. My mom saw it and now wants one, so I'll need to get working on a doll for her, too.

Frog amigurumi

This little guy was made for my nephew who adores Elmo. After seeing how easy it is to design your own dolls after you learn a few basic amigurumi shapes, it was easy to come up with this design. He loved it! I put some jingle bells inside, but I think the stuffing muffled the sound too much. Next time I'll place them in the little arms.

I'm currently working on my own doll patterns and hope to have a few posted to my etsy shop soon!