Wednesday, March 12, 2008

as sporadic as they've always been

Kettle-dyed, big sister socks

I think I'm learning how to take everything in stride. These are things that I'm focusing on right now: dyeing more yarn, dissertation revisions, a new dissertation chapter, wedding planning, money, health, happiness, a commissioned essay on a topic that isn't a particularly happy topic.

My impulses are, as ever, as sporadic as they've always been, but if you know me, then you know that I do keep these impulses in check. As a sock knitter, I never have too many pairs going. I try to finish a pair before starting the next, or I try to only have two going at once--one pair for this mood and the other pair for another.

What I want to knit now: another pair of Jaywalkers. I didn't enjoy knitting the first pair very much, but I've come to find that they are among my favorite socks, especially for sleeping. They don't come off in the middle of the night, they are always snug, and they keep in much warmth. So I want more and more Jaywalkers.

I have many finished objects to show. (I know, I've been gone so long.) But I feel that I should maybe show them over time.

The socks in the photograph were finished in January. They were given to my older sister. Both my sisters loved how soft they were. These were made over 60 stitches on size one dpns using my Kettle Dyed Softie Sock. (Two are left on my etsy site.)

I'll be moving soon as well. That's on the list of things. My long silence from this blog and my long break from dyeing gave rise to a job. A real job. I don't know if I'll continue to dye yarn when I start working. I seriously doubt I'll be able to do big orders, but I might continue to do a few skeins here and there. We'll see.