Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Not-Too-Snug Basic Cable Hat

When I wanted to finally learn how to make cables, I thought that the "Basic Cable Hat" in S&B Nation would be a good project. I had already made several hats in the round, so I felt comfortable with the pattern. For the first cable hat, I followed the pattern exactly, using Lamb's Pride Worsted. The hat was really, really small. It barely fit on my head. I did some research on-line and found that I was not alone. Many knitters were left with too-snug cable hats.

I wanted to make this hat for my father, so I had to vary the pattern. I added 12 more stitches (so as to not disturb the design) and cabled one more time than what the pattern called for. This variation fits a man's head nicely. This is also made using Lamb's Pride Worsted.

If I were making this hat for myself, I would still increase by 12 stitches but not do the extra cable. I don't have a picture of the snug hat because that was sent to a little boy in a third-world country.

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