Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Secret Pal

Tuesday afternoon, there was yet another big box locked inside my landlady's gate. For those of you living in Brownstone Brooklyn, you'll know what I mean about the gate: it's the gate that people usually put up to guard the door to the ground-level floor. Again, I had to use the tie-the-twine-around-the-box-and-slowly-pull-box-up method.

Inside the box were these lovely items, wrapped in purple tissue paper with a nice pink and flowery card, from my Secret Pal. She got me yummy, yummy chocolate caramel balls that I immediately tested. Very good. She also got me a spindle! I have been dreaming about a spindle for a long time now. I mean, I really had actual dreams about spinning with a spindle and now I have one that's all mine. She also sent a little ball of practice roving and a huge 4 oz. wool-blend bundle of roving from Spunky Eclectic. I think the spindle and practice roving are also from Spunky Eclectic. The colorway of the roving bundle is "Autumn Girls" and it is delightful--full of all the bright colors I love and yes, PINK and YELLOW. I keep petting it. How did I get so lucky to get a Secret Pal with such great taste?

Our SP8 Hostess posted our group's blogs on the SP8 website, and I found out that my Secret Pal is Coley of Handmade by Coley. How did I know it was her? She wrote about me often, and she wrote about my going to Thailand. Many of her posts were about things that she was thinking of getting me and things that I like and things that I might like. It was really awesome to read her blog and see all the sweet little thoughts she had. Thanks, so much, Coley! You are awesome!

Since I've revealed my Spoiler, I might as well reveal (since she has already found me!) my Spoilee. My Spoilee is Tess of A Crafter's Journal. Tess is a great crafter and just about dabbles in everything, from knitting to scrapbooking to journaling to embellishing. She manages to find time to work her crafts into her busy schedule of working and being a mother.

SP8 was really fun, and I can't believe I still have one more package coming!

In non-knitting/knitting news, I'm getting Lasek next week. (I know, I know, I must be crazy to take such a risk with my eyes and drop so much (so much! Good God it's so much money!), but it's something that I've thought about doing for a long, long time and turning 30 made me realize that not only should I give this to myself as a gift, but that I was putting it off and it was now or never.) Because the recovery time is longer for Lasek than Lasik, I won't be able to read or knit for three days!!! Good God! Someone help me! The thought of not being able to knit for that long is scarier to me than having the actual surgery. I must be insane. Very insane.


Lazuli said...

Good luck with the surgery! What is the difference betewen Lasek and Lasik? I never knew there was one.

Bee said...

Ooooh loving those gifts from your SP...did you get a Cascade Spindle?

I got Lasik a year was great. Don't be nervous about your surgery. You won't regret it! I love having not to wear my glasses anymore. Goodluck!

Leslie said...

A grad student without glasses? You're definitely leaving the rest of us nerds behind! And spinning too? Yep, you're entering the big leagues. I'm just getting ready to try my first toe-up socks and wanted to warn you that I'll be bugging you when I can't get it to work. I love the tales of the twine. Such devotion to your yarn!

Tess said...

what are you Nuts@!!! Not knitting for 3 days....What are you going to do sleep?!!!

Good luck with the surgery.....take care...

K. said...

I have never known anyone young or old who had bad luck with the surgery, or that regretted having it done. Oh, the things you'll be able to see!

I am jealous of the spindle! Lucky you with the great spoiler! It is so nice to get packages to pet and drool over.

Pink Dandelion said...

Ooooh that roving looks yummy - have fun spinning!

Good luck with the surgery... that means no blogging or blog reading for 3 days either!! *gasp*

Anonymous said...

Yes, you do have another package going out. I just got home last night from colorado. I'm mailing it out when I get to work onwednesday. I'm so glad you like the stuff i sent you. I was soooo worried that you wouldn't like what I sent. I just picked out stuff that I've always wanted.

Good luck with the surgery.