Monday, August 14, 2006

Baby shower knits: slightly cheating

Is it wrong to have made a little hat initially for one baby only to give it to another?

That's what I did on Saturday. I had a baby shower to go to, and two days before, I whipped out the One-Hour Baby Booties from Stitch 'n Bitch 2. But let me go back to the hat. The hat is the Umbilical Cord hat from Stitch 'n Bitch 1. I made it over winter break for a baby that was born in March. I never gave the hat to this baby because I never made the matching booties. So, as I put off making the booties, the baby's head, I'm sure, grew and grew and grew.

So, I decided to give the hat to another baby, along with the booties. I had to mattress stitch these booties--one looks like a disaster and the other looks semi-okay.

The yarn is Lana Gatto Baby Soft, 54% virgin wool, 24% nylon, and 22% cotton.

I don't really know much about babies, so whenever I make this hat and bootie set, I always wonder, Is this hat too big? Are these booties too small? Can a baby's head possibly be THIS big??? Good Lord!

And, of course, it doesn't help when your boyfriend says, Say, isn't that hat kind of big for a baby? And I just play the you-wouldn't-believe-how-big-a-baby's-head-is card, as if I knew ANYTHING about that, but I guess he assumes that I must know how big a baby's head is since I am, after all, a woman.

By the way, why aren't my friends having girls??? They are all having boys, and I've been dying to use my pink baby yarn. Or maybe I'm old-fashioned. I think that next time, I'm going to use the pink yarn regardless of the sex of the baby. Besides, a little four-year-old boy loved the Snow White Princess Barbie I gave him for his birthday last week. But the parents of this boy are really open to the fact that their son loves dolls and so-called girlie things. I think that is so awesome. I would be afraid that other parents might not be so open. But really, who wants to shop for action figures and cars? I want to shop for dolls and cut little pink pony things with brushable hair and glittery wings.

Speaking of my love for things pretty and pink, I had fun picking out yarn at Spunky Eclectic and using the gift certificate my Secret Pal got for me. I decided on this gorgeous Pink Lemonade sock yarn, and then I couldn't resist this Neapolitan yarn as well. I'm already staking out my mailbox.


The_Add_Knitter said...

I say do the gender-bender gifts-if there's one place in America where you can, it's NY!;) My daughters were into tools, and I loved that...
I am desperately wanting the 'Mermaid' yarn from the Spunky E. site--but she's on vacation :( But I can see the appeal of the Pink Lemonade...looks like a lot fun!

K. said...

Those baby hats are always too big for a newborns head. Even if you have a big newborn. The nice thing is that they grow into the hat, which is a lot better than something being too small. My oldest daughter's head was way too big for the little cotton caps you get in the hospital, but the handmade hats I had at home were still big on her.

schrodinger said...

I have a placket neck pullover made for one child, that will now need to be gifted to another - I see nothing wrong with it. Cute hat and booties btw.

Pink Dandelion said...

That's perfectly acceptable - just don't tell the mom "oh, well, I made it for another baby..." ;-)

After my sister had a little girl I finally realized why my sister and I recieved so many Barbie dolls and "My Little Ponies" from my grandmother who had only had boys. This little girl is just so cute and pink with a love for babydolls that only a little girl could have.

I love the yarns you chose! Especially that neapolitan.