Thursday, May 25, 2006

Second dishcloth done

The Lone Knitter has been hiding herself away these days. My apologies for not posting since last week, but you see, I've run into an end-of-the-semester snag. The Lone Knitter did not (gasp) perform satisfactorily on her language exam. The Lone Knitter can only talk about her failures in the third person so as to remover herself from the failures. The Ph.D. gods have decreed, however, that the Lone Knitter can retake her exam tomorrow morning.

So, besides not being able to update my blog, I haven't been able to knit much. I did finish my second dishcloth. This one was made over 45 stitches on size eight needles, and I do like this size better than the first one, which was made over 60 stitches.

These dishcloths remind me of happy happy summer colors, and I hope hope hope (fingers crossed) that I will be able to enjoy that summer soon. After the language exam, I have a mountain of exams to grade.

I do want to end this brief post on a positive note. My Secret Pal left me a comment! How wonderful! And I just want my Secret Pal to know that I am really open to anything she wishes to give me and that she needn't at all give me things that I say I'm wanting because like all knitters, I'm always wanting something but anything is excellent.


Leslie said...

The Lone Knitter has all the well wishes I can muster to send across the state. I'd send them in a foreign language but I don't want to send bad juju with my pathetic attempts at Deutsch. Here's a good ol' fashion "You can do it!" cheer!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Good luck and a beautiful summer is just arond the corner. Keep up the dish rag therapy!!

trek said...

Dish cloths are great little mini-projects, aren't they? I like how you can use them as larger swatches to get an idea of how a new stitch pattern is going to look.