Sunday, September 09, 2007

I think I'm getting better

Hand-spun Yarn

I have three finished objects to show you. Three. There's a scarf, a pair of socks, and this hand-spun yarn. I thought that maybe I should show you all three finished objects in this one post, but then I thought better of it, seeing as how I've been so delinquent at posting here as of late. Because my urge to show the finished object is so great, I'll have better successes publishing new posts if I withhold them for later days: or so I've convinced myself.

When it rains it pours certainly rings true for me. It often happens to me just like this. I have no finished objects for what seems like a long, long time, and then out of nowhere I have three. I just wish that only good things would pour.

I've had one of those weeks where I have just thrown my hands up, so expected were the inconveniences, the down-right injustices. I won't bore you with everything that went wrong this week, but there is one thing that I'm very upset about.

My parents live in a rural community, on a rural road. The neighbors collect their mail at a central mail box. Everyone has a key, and packages are put in larger boxes. If you have a package, you will have been given a key to retrieve the package. Well, even with this system, thieves break in and steal packages. My parents have had several packages missing or stolen.

I had sent my mom a very special package. She had been wanting some of these miracle creams, very expensive miracle creams. I happened to find this stuff for a good price, ordered it for her, and tracked the package on-line. The package was DELIVERED, but there was no package. Urgh. I called the USPS headquarters and filed a claim. I don't think they can do anything but log it and keep an eye on the area.

My mom has been making such positive changes in her life. She's eating better, exercising, and buying herself new clothes instead of wearing whatever someone gives her. In a word, she's loving herself, and I thought, by god, she deserves some of this expensive cream and I'm going to get it for her.

What do you do when your mother calls you, very sad and crying? Well, you do what you can without upsetting her more. So, I'm going to tell her that I was protected by some buyer protection policy (which is not true--I did buy the stuff from eBay, but I don't think you're protected in case of thief--oh, and that day, PayPal wouldn't let me pay with my American Express card, which protects me against theft. (You see how easily the universe conspires against me?)) and order her another one. I'll have it shipped by UPS this time. I don't trust whoever stole our last package to not steal it again. (And I won't buy it from the same eBay seller who hasn't even bothered to return my simple email, asking if there was insurance on the package or not--bad, bad customer service.)

In my mom's very Buddhist way, she says, Well, let them have it. That's what she always says when something unjust happens. Let them have it.

I'm so sorry to bore you with this story, but if this does happen to you, don't take it lying down. Report it to the USPS. They should know if there are areas with lots of mail theft.

Hand-spun Yarn

I now return to the knitting content of this post: the handspun was this. It's superwash merino in the Punk colorway (discontinued), hand-dyed by Pigeonroof Studios. It spun up beautifully. I loved working with merino. It's 124 yards.

I think I'm getting better at the spinning, although this yarn is still a bit over spun. It's more uniform that the previous yarns I spun, however.

I want to knit it up, but I'm not sure what to knit it into. Any suggestions?


Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

Are you sure the key was put in the right box? We have the same setup here, and every now and then the guy at the post office messes up.

gradschoolknitter said...

I'm so sorry about your mom's cream. That sucks and crappy customer service is even suckier.

As for the hand spun I would suggest the One Row Scarf by the Yarn Harlot only I'd be afraid that you wouldn't have enough yardage... maybe if you striped it with something else? A solid (of one of those colours) in a similar weight?

katrynka said...

Hello! Haven't written in a long time. So sorry about your Mom's gift, that really sucks.

The yarn is beautiful! I cannot spin.... have not ever tried, so I guess I should say that I do not! It makes my carpal tunnel flair up to even contemplate it:) But I can admire the skill in others.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Your spinning is seriously impressive, Jen! And that is a terrible anecdote. I also recommend negative feedback for that EBAY seller, sheesh!

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Your story about your Mom's gift is really sad. Especially as she doesn't treat herself often it's just rotten.

The handspun might make a nice little cowl neck or mini scarf. Not a full on scarf, more of a neck warmer. It's very pretty by the way. My Aunt had some weaving in those sorts of soft lavendery/ pinky shades and it reminds me of that.

K. said...

Your mother sounds like women I have known - always thinking of everyone else. I don't think I could be as zen about people stealing my packages, though. That yarn is so pretty. Maybe you could make some fingerless mitts. You certainly would need to make something small unless you mixed another yarn in. I can't wait to see your finished scarf!

Coley said...

wow, your getting good at spinning!

Michelle said...

That really bites about your mom's package. I've had packages stolen too that were delivered! Is it a possibility for your parents to have their own post office box? It's probably a pain and not cheap, but at least they would get their mail. It's amazing how petty and stupid people really are.

The Knitstress said...

That is terrible about your Mom's cream. We sound like we have similar moms.
Your spinning is beautiful. I love the color. Have you seen the sock yarn called Sock hop yarn? It's all hand spun hand dyed and it sells as fast as it is stocked. I lucked out last time and was able to get 2 skiens. The next time it is up for sale is in October. Check into it.

Angela said...

The cream story really bums me out. Bad eBay seller, people who steal packages... You're just trying to get something really special to your mom, and suddenly you're faced with hurdles. I'm sorry this happened.