Monday, September 24, 2007

Woolly Boully Sock Club, Korknisse, and I've been Raveled

Country Apple Korknisse

Hey you all. I have some exciting news. Well, it may not be at all exciting to you, but it is absolutely exciting for me. I've started my own sock club. I'm planning lots and lots of fun things for the shipments, but I'm having an oh-so-difficult time pinning down three colorways for the club. There are so many on my mind. I guess I'll have to save some for later.

The club will have a book theme, like some other sock yarn clubs, but I thought I would centered my sock yarn club around my books. I know, I must be so self-centered! But really, I'm very often inspired by images in my writing when it comes to yarn dyeing. The two really do go hand and hand for me.

Details for the Woolly Boully Boully Books Sock Club are here.


When I first happened upon these, my heart flitter-fluttered. Korknisse is (are? -- is korknisse plural?) the cutest little folk ever. I want a whole village of Korknisse.

This one is an apple one, made from my Country Apple Softie Sock. This one is for a special someone whom I have never met, but who has been an awesome person to me. (She made me this!) She wrote a book with "apple" in the title, and I thought this would be an appropriate gift for her. She said that she had wanted to learn to knit to make those cute little animals (amigurumi?) that everyone has been making. So I thought that a cute little Korknisse might fit the bill perfectly.

I wanted to use fingering weight yarn and size one needles. I couldn't find any patterns on-line for these specifications, so I just improvised. The original pattern is here. The English translation of the pattern is here.

Country Apple Korknisse

Here's my modified pattern for fingering weight yarn and size 1 dpns.

cast on 24 stitches (If you knit loosely, you can use 20 stitches.)
join in the round
k2p2 for five rounds
knit for five rounds
cast off

cast on 24 stitches (Again, if you're a loose knitter, you should use 20 stitches and adjust your decreases according.)
join in the round
k2p2 for four rounds
k four rounds
k2 k2tog k2 repeat
k two rounds
k1 k2tog k2 repeat
k two rounds
k2tog k1 repeat
k two rounds
k2tog k1 repeat
k two rounds
k2tog repeat
Draw yarn through remaining stitches.
Weave in ends.
Put clothes on a wine cork and draw two little eyes. (I prefer my Korknisse without noses!)


Yesterday, I was Raveled. My Raverly username is WoollyBoully.


Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

You have those problems with the knitting elves, too? LOL... they're horrid little creatures.

When I saw you had started a sock club, I had to join. You, of all people... I was right there as soon as I saw the ad on Etsy. :)

Thanks so much for being a loyal reader of my blog. I so appreciate it.

Michelle said...

Geesh! I didn't know your a writer too. Looking forward to joining your Sock Club.. it's my first sock club ever! : )

The_Add_Knitter said...

Oh I love those little pals so adorable. They remind me of the small gnomes in the Elsa Beskow books...and I'll sign on with pride to your sock club!!

Julia said...

Heee! You've always been one of my favorite indie dyers, so, while my roommate rolled his eyes and clucked disapprovingly, I totally signed up.

*g* Any plants for a Sock Club button, to put up on the blog?

JaneD said...

Hmm . . . do I dare join the sock club? Now that my dissertation is done, I'll have time to finally learn to knit socks, right? I won't just collect sock yarn that I'll never knit, right? I sometimes find myself petting my Trekking and the new yarn you gave me, but that's not the same thing as taking the sock-knitting plunge. Soon. Very soon.

Megann said...

You know I love your sock yarn so the club was a must have as the day you opened it! Your korknisse is too cute. I am going to have to make one of those. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

schrodinger said...

Congrats on the sock yarn club, and the ravelry invite!! The Korknisse is very cute.