Tuesday, October 03, 2006

MANFEET Socks/Mystery Socks ALL DONE!!!

Well, my boyfriend loves, just loves his socks. Yay! I had him try them on this morning, and guess what? He didn't want to take them off. I told him that he had to, as I still needed to weave in some ends. He said that they felt so comfy, like sticking his feet into a soft, soft cloud. I warned him before: once you have a pair of hand-knitted socks, you won't want to wear anything else! I guess this means that I'll be making many, many more pairs of MANFEET socks.

The second sock is a better sock because the bind-off is looser and more stretchy. In fact, it's almost perfect. I just bound off loosely in-pattern using a size six needle. Last time I used a size four needle.

For those of you who are wondering, I made these socks using this Toe Up Sock pattern. These socks are also my Mystery Sock KAL socks. The pattern calls for a tubular bind-off, but I didn't quite follow those instructions to a T. These are, however, my first toe-up socks as well as my first MANFEET socks, and I am quite proud of them.

I made these socks over 64 stitches on size three double-pointed needles using Extra Stampato by Needful Yarns (100% merino virgin wool) in the 1012 (blue) and 1006 (brown) colorways. The socks have a Sherman heel and a Sherman toe and a 2x2 2-inch rib cuff.

Say, do you ever sometimes just check-in to your Site Meter account to see what might be bringing folks over to your blog? I have to say that I'm a little, well, amused (surprised?) by the fact that there is a certain fetish out there and some folks, who are using Google to explore this fetish, have happened onto my blog. I think they must be sourly disappointed.

Someone wanted my MANFEET post in Spanish. Very cool. In Spanish, my blog title is El Calcetero Solitario. This person must had the translation done after doing this search. Notice the first site that gets a hit. (I would have linked it, but I'm afraid of what it might show.)

Someone found one of my MANFEET posts through this interesting search.

Someone Googled "my first time" and landed on this post.

But this, this takes the cake.

Who knew my MANFEET posts would get so much attention?

Needless to say, my boyfriend is a little disturbed at who might be looking at his feet and why. I did have an idea that maybe these folks really do want to knit some bondage-type MANFEET socks for their lovers. That would be an interesting pattern.


Coley said...

Very Nice!!! I knitted my guy his 1st pair over the summer. Guys sure do have big feet!!!

msubulldog said...

And now combining "bondage" with "MANFEET" will, I'm sure, get you many more new visitors! Ha,ha,ha. :)
Great socks!

Bee said...

Great job. I'm still in the middle of my boyfriend's socks (second sock) and struggling through the second sock syndrome. I think I made mine a tad too snug but I figured they'd stay up longer. Eek! I hope he likes it. :)

Zonda said...

I love the colors you used! Nice job! I'm about to start my first toe ups! Watch out, you may never get to knit your own! ;)

Lazuli said...

Congrats! That's too funny about the searches!

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Great colour combination. The "Manfeet" search was hilarious--who knew? I'm taking a toe-up class starting in a couple of weeks--seeing yours made me look forward to it even more.