Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In the midst of autumn, a hat for me; Happy Halloween, y'all!

In the midst of autumn, a hat for me

I went to a Halloween party at Mom J's house on Saturday. I didn't dress up in a costume, but I seriously contemplated dressing up as an old lady so that I could incorporate knitting into my costume.

I made great progress on this "Silk Garden Beanie" during a game of Trivia Pursuit at the party. I used Noro's Silk Garden in colorway 249. I modified the pattern a bit, but just a tad bit. I used a size seven circular until it was time to decrease and then switched to the dpns. I also knit an inch more than the pattern tells you to. I've made this hat before, about two autumns ago, so I knew I wanted it longer so that it would cover my ears. (I gave the hat away to my dear friend from undergrad. She seemed to like it.) There have been so many brisk wind storms here in New York with the arrival of autumn. I have been wearing a store-bought hat for so long, and I decided that it was time to give myself some knitterly goodness.

I was going to give you a rare (never before?) Lone Knitter moment. I was going to wear the hat for you, but alas, boyfriend is gone and can't take the photo for me.

Of course, it wouldn't be Noro if I didn't come across a knot in the yarn. I still don't know how a company that makes such beautiful looking yarn can't find a way to eliminate knots in the yarn--unless I'm the one who just happens to buy all the skeins with the knots in them. Once, I had a ball of Noro with three knots!

The size seven needles felt as if they were of mammoth proportions in my hands. I guess I'm too used to tiny needles.

Happy Halloween, y'all!

Yes, I do say "y'all." That's the Texan in me. I don't think I'll ever stop saying it. I used to be really self-conscious about how I spoke, especially when I moved to New York. I was trying to train myself to drop certain expressions and pronunciations, but now, I am embracing how I talk, even if it means that I say "y'all."

(Imagine me walking down 14th Street in NYC and a certain children's charity asking me to give money and me saying, "I already give to y'all." "You're not from around here are you?" is the reply. I guess using "y'all" limits my credibility.)


coley said...

Embrace the Texan in you!My mom still says Warsh (wash)all of the time. I try not to make fun of her. Lovely hat!!!

K. said...

That hat is so cool! I am always looking for sweaters to make with silk garden, but maybe something like a hat would be better. I always balk at the cost of a sweater in noro yarns. You are who you are, embrace it. Happy Halloween!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Wow I love your beanie--now I know what to do with my extra Silk Garden!! Happy Halloween to you too!!

earthchick said...

What a cute beanie!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, the Devachan salon is a bit spendy, but for me it was worth it. My appt. w/ Lorraine was, I think $150. But I have heard great reviews of Carlos and I think he is more like $75. You're lucky to live right there where you can go whenever you want! I've only been the one time, but the next time I'm in NYC I'll definitely go again.

I'm thinking of trying the Sherman heel on my next pair of socks. I've got the instructions all printed out and ready to go....

schrodinger said...

They're totally obsessed with accents here aren't then - I understand, but glad you're keeping to your roots.

The beanie looks great, kudos to you for knitting it while playing triv.

Lucia said...

yes, your "friend from undergrad" is still rocking her beanie. it is a little short, though. but perfectly lovely and wearable.

Lazuli said...

The hat looks great! I made a silk garden one a few years back; it's still my favorite. It's funny, I sometimes write y'all in emails or blog posts, just because it's easier. But I'm not from anywhere where saying y'all is the normal thing to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm with everyone else. Keep the y'all and say it with pride. Even better, be sure to say it often at English dept. functions. I think every conference paper I've heard would be better with a nice preface: "Today, I will be telling y'all all about Lewis Carroll."

The hat is very pretty. I've just started using Kureyon and yeah, the knots are annoying. I've been looking at the entrelac patterns that use Silk Garden and it's very, very tempting stuff. Maybe I'll be a copycat and start with a hat.

Anonymous said...

*gulp* confession time... I just bought enough Silk Garden for the Lady Eleanor stole from Scarf Style. It was on sale at and I couldn't resist. I thought of you and your hat and took the plunge. Please don't show pretty pictures of a treat made in Kidsilk Haze or pure cashmere because my credit card can't handle the influence! (They have all kinds of Noro on sale, if you're looking...)

msubulldog said...

Happy Belated Halloween to you, too, and a hearty congratulations! You won the Mystery Sock KAL drawing for finishing your MANFEET socks by Halloween! :)
If you'll send your snail mail address to me at amandawoodruffATgmailDOTcom I'll get your goodies in the mail to you right away.
Thanks for being a part of the KAL!

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Great Hat! I've never worked with Noro but seeing your hat sure makes it tempting. Happy Belated Hallowe'en to you. Alberta is Texas North--When I first moved here from easy going, Laid back BC it took some getting use to (and I still get teased for my socialist values) I say, embrace who you are!!