Friday, October 27, 2006

Strawberries & cream socks; hot socks swap

Last night, at the knitting circle that I go to, I bound off the second sock made with the gorgeous IHEARTPINK yarn that Coley dyed for me. I'm calling these my strawberries & cream socks because, knitted up, the yarn looks like a lovely bowl of strawberries & cream.

These socks were made toe-up with a Sherman toe and heel and a 3x1 rib over 64 stitches on size 1 needles. I bound the second sock off a bit tight. Mental note: as much as I want to show off my finished object to my fellow knitters, I should wait until I go home to bind-off; binding-off loosely, even with a needle five sizes larger, sometimes requires as much concentration as making a short-row heel. The socks, however, still fit like a dream. Thanks again, Coley, for the awesome yarn!

(I apologize for the terrible pictures in today's post; my camera is low on batteries and the picture quality seems to suffer when the batteries are low.)

The Hot Socks Swap recently ended, and I got my package on Wednesday but wasn't able to retrieve it from the post office until today. I was home all day on Wednesday, but for some reason the mail carrier who delivers packages doesn't like to ring my bell. I guess the ten steps up the stoop are too much for her! Anyhow, I'm glad to have my package.

My Hot Socks Swap partner Lee really spoiled me. (She's without a blog, so I can't direct you to her wonderful person! You'll just have to imagine how awesome she may be.)

Here are the wonderful things that my package included: Lindt truffles, Butterfinger and Crunch sticks, chai honey sticks from Stash, mini RSVP pens in five colors, a lavender and vanilla bath products set, Fireside Chai and Lemon Jasmine teas from Zhena's Gypsy Tea, size 3 Clover double-pointed needles, a handmade bracelet, a handmade bookmark, (which Lee told me is called a "book thong" (ha!) in some book stores), two balls of Regia Bamboo in colorway 1071, and a ball of Trekking XXL in colorway 132. Wow! I really got spoiled. Here is a close up of the bracelet and bookmark that she made for me:

I love the yarn. The Regia is so soft, incredibly soft. And the Trekking is self-striping! It will look so cute knitted up. I was going to cast on my Koigu tonight, but the Regia is calling my name. Here's a close-up of the yarn:

I've never knit with Regia before and have been wanting to. Thank you so much, Lee. You're the bestest Hot Socks Swap partner ever!

And, in case you were curious, the organizer of the Hot Socks Swap, Laura of indieknits, was my spoilee.


coley said...

Those turned out awesome!!!!!

Bee said...

Nice loot! Sounds like your swap went well! I never knit with Regia before either...can't wait to see your results!

K. said...

Are you sure that box wasn't meant to come to my house? That stuff looks like loads of fun. Knitting, drinking, eating, wearing, and pampering all in one package! What a good spoiler! Your socks look good enough to eat. They remind me of those Strawberries and Cream creamsavers that lifesavers make.

schrodinger said...

The socks look cute.

I'm totally impressed with your swap loot, Lee is a great swapper.

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Your Strawberries and Cream socks are adorable! I've never done a swap before but it looks like you had a good time with it.

Anonymous said...

Yum! Fun goodies. I'm trying not to look at your book thong too closely or I may just take up beading. (That would be the ONLY thong that would get any wear in this household!)

Keep us all posted on the Regia Bamboo. I've never seen it, but other bamboo I've seen has the most interesting texture in the skein. Good stuff!