Sunday, June 25, 2006

One last post before I go

I have a strange and slow internet connection here in Texas, so I'm not posting any pictures in this post. Speaking of strange and slow, my suitcases just made it here. Mind you, I made it here Friday night. My suitcases just made it here. The suitcases arrived without any kind of apology notice or travel coupon or free frequent flyer miles. I'm hesitant to state which airline this is.

Speaking of airlines, I'll be leaving in two days for a journey overseas. I'm hesitant to state the country that I'm going to in case my Secret Pal spoilee reads this by chance and finds out who I am! Maybe I should make up a country? I guess I can say the continent? I'm going to a country in Asia for one month. How's that?

What I'm packing: enough sock yarn for six pairs (I know...very very ambitious!), Addi turbos size 1 and 2, bamboo dpns size 1 and 2, my knitting sock book, darning needles, tape measure, some dishcloth yarn to make my aunt some dishcloths, and my second Jaywalker-in-progress.

Jaywalker number 2 is all but 2 inches in length, and I'm hoping that it will be somewhere in the instep by the time I land in my destination country. I believe the total travel time is 26 hours! Great day! That's a long time, and if I don't make significant sock progress and Proust progress, well then, I don't deserve to be a knitter or a reader.

I doubt I'll be able to post again before I go. Tomorrow will be spent madly packing and wondering whether I've enough toothpaste or dental floss or shampoo.

I hope that you will stop by my blog again in late July, when I return. I promise to have lots of pictures of socks and flowers and mountains and fruits.

Maybe I will teach a child to knit.

I'm going to a very poor area of a poor country. It's where I was born, and I feel an intense need to help the people here.

While there, I plan to also set up a scholarship fund at the village school, a scholarship that is specifically for girls. Girls often have to drop out because parents, if they can only afford to send one child, will more often than not send the boy child.

Perhaps I will also teach young mothers how to knit baby blankets.

Happy knitting, and I'll see you in about a month!


schrodinger said...

I just wanted to wish you a safe trip. And good luck knitting ALL those socks ;-)

Specs said...

Have a great trip!

Leslie said...

Hope you get this before you go -- we'll miss you and your sock knitting around the internets! Have fun and take lots of pictures for all of us stuck at home. And I noticed there aren't a long list of books in that packing plan. Woo hoo! You deserve a break so enjoy every minute of it.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Have a great trip and I just want you to know that if you're going to Vietnam I am so jealous!!! We'll all look forward to your return...