Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ABT (All But Toe)

If I can refer to my stage in my Ph.D. program as "All But Dissertation," then I should be able to refer to my stage in my Jaywalkers as "All But Toe." I'm officially ABT on Jaywalker one. I hope to cast on for Jaywalker two before I get on a plane on Friday. I have a four-hour flight to Texas, and as much as I'd love to pick up my Proust again, I'd really love to come out with a few inches of Jaywalker before landing. I have to say, if any sock has been Proustian in duration for me, this sock is it.

The gusset and the foot of this sock felt as if they went on forever and forever. Never before did one sock seem to go on and on. I really did pick this sock up every chance I got, even knitted a few rows before bed each night and each time I would pick this sock up, my boyfriend would ask me, "Are you still working on the same sock?" And very humbly, I would have to answer, "Yes."

I can't believe that I realistically thought I could turn out a pair of socks in two weeks. I know many knitters can do it, but I just can't. I don't know why I can't, but I know I can't. (Socks as my Knitting Olympics project?!?! What was I thinking???) So, I figure if I can turn out a pair a month, I should be happy.

I have another pair of socks that are ABT, and I hope to finish them before Friday as well. These are the first pair of socks I ever started. The pattern called for size three needles and worsted weight yarn. Advice to new sock knitters: do not begin with worsted weight yarn because you think it will be easier. I'm dreading finishing these socks. I don't enjoy the worsted weight yarn. I don't know why. I guess I'm just used to sock weight yarn now and don't like the feel of big yarn on my hands.

Here is another piece of embroidery that my boyfriend's mother made in the 70s. I think the colors complement my Jaywalker perfectly.


The_Add_Knitter said...

Ok, WOW you are hauling ass on those Jaywalkers!! I know the interminable 'when will it end' feeling and I kept on dropping stitches on the instep, not to mention one of my dpns snapped--of course when I went back to Knitaway the kind owner played the shaming and blaming game, so I am waiting for Brittany to send a replacement--argh, so I'm stalled!!!

Specs said...


All But Toe.

I know what you mean about wizzing through socks -- I'm on the second sock of a pair that I've been making for, oh, two months now. It's embarrassing, but I refuse to let the socks win.