Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day Yarn Score

On Mother's Day, Manly took me to one of my favorite local yarn stores, Sifu Design Studio. Here is what I got:

Mother's Day Yarn

The three balls of Cascade Pacific are for a baby blanket.

I also got two balls of Noro sock yarn. Okay: here is the deal with Noro sock yarn. I have previously knit with the Kureyon version and hated it; however, I cannot resist the way Noro surprises, so I am trying the Taiyo version. I love the color changes and blending of Noro and find it all fascinating. I cannot, no matter the experience with the yarn, resist the magical rainbow that is Noro.

Here is a picture of Noro Kureyon socks that I knit for my older sister four summers ago, right before my wedding:

Noro Kureyon Socks

I'm thinking that the best socks knit out of Noro to show off the color changes are knee highs, so I will probably go that route with the new Noro. As least whenever I see knee highs made of Noro, I think they look splendid.

I also got a skein of Malabrigo sock yarn; I have yet to knit with Malabrigo. Is it as dreamy as everyone says it is?

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Anonymous said...

Lucky duck - great yarn score! Yes, Malabrigo is as yummy as they say. All that and more :)