Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goodbye and Thanks For All the Comments

Dear Readers old and new,

I wanted to thank you for reading, for checking in, and for commenting and letting me know, throughout the years, that I was a part of your knitting community. I have tried, off and on, to keep up this blog, but I am failing and faltering. I realize that I am not alone: I have checked in on many a blogging-knitting friend only to find that they, too, have gone AWOL without a word as to why. So I want to tell you why I am no longer going to be blogging about my knitting: I don't have time to knit anymore.

I have a toddler and another baby on the way, a writing career, a teaching career, and a house that isn't ever as tidy as I should like it. I have books to write, books to read, books to reread as I prepare for class. I have a spinning wheel I haven't dusted off in over two years, I have another UFO, I have a baby blanket to make, I have a baby hat to knit, I have a baby to prepare for and one to care for already.

I was, in fact, going to update my blog today with photos of recently completed work, but I felt exhausted by the task.

I still want to share my work and endeavors, so I will be uploading photos to flickr (Lone_Knitter) and Ravelry (WoollyBoully). Please look for me there. I also Tweet (WoollyBoullly) from time to time.

I have enjoyed blogging and loved sharing, but my life now is such that I don't have the time or energy to devote it. I might be back to blogging someday, but it will be a long, long while from now.

Goodbye, and thank you for all the love.

the Lone Knitter

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