Friday, March 23, 2007

Red Robin: Bird, Nest, & Eggs

I think I'm going to really enjoy this rainy day. The workmen are finally, after all their brushing and draping and glass breaking, done with the ceiling in my bathroom. I only have to live with the paint vapors now.

I get to organize my office, locate my tax forms, knit a bit of my (modified) RPM socks, write a bit of the ole prospectus, and curl up with, again, Barthes' Camera Lucida.

There is rye bread (seeded). There is pastrami. There are cornichons and bread.

And, besides, I have new sock yarn to pet. Its name is "Red Robin: Bird, Nest, & Eggs."

I've never taken to red really, but after knitting up the sock yarn that Coley dyed for me, with its little unexpected bits of red, I've grown to really crave spots of red in my knitting.

When I told J. that I wanted to dye a robins egg and nest yarn, she suggested that I put a bit of red in it. Why, yes, a red robin.

I liked this yarn so much that I'm keeping one for myself. One is listed in my Woolly Boully shop.
* * *
Jilian made three squares for the blanket drive. These squares are in memory of Grandma Gerda. Thanks so much, Jilian.

J. made four more squares. I think she's made about 12. I have some catching up to do. Thanks, J!

I want to thank all of you who have encouraged me in my dyeing enterprise and send an extra special thank you to those of you who purchased some of my Woolly Boully yarn. I think I'm loving the dyeing as much as I am the knitting.
* * *
It's official: my little sister is all grown up now. She got her driving learner's permit yesterday. She was very excited to get it. I wasn't excited by getting mine at all; I feared it.


knittingphilistine said...

Oh, I love the newest colorway! I instantly clicked my way to a happier Friday, too! I can't wait to try your yarn and I can't wait to make some gorgeous socks out of the Red Robin! Red and baby blues? Winning combination!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Hooray for cornichons!! Can't believe that that naughty Philistine beat me out!

mims said...

dang! i was apparently way too late for the red robin yarn, i hope you'll be making more in the future. it's goregous.

Lone Knitter said...

I'll be listing my other Red Robin in the etsy shop sometime this morning or later today. I made 3. So there is one left. I'm so glad you all like it!

Lazuli said...

The red robin is indeed gorgeous yarn! I can't wait to see the socks made from it!