Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sister Socks & Texas Orchids

The first pair of Heelless Sleeping Socks were a Christmas gift for Mom J. The second pair was made just in time to give to my older sister for Christmas. I just about finished these on the plane down to Texas. I love knitting on the plane. And, yes, contrary to popular dismay, you can bring your Addi Turbo circulars aboard. I've done it many a time. These Sleeping Socks were also made with Koigu on size 2 Addis.

The day after I made these socks, I immediately cast on for a pair of my own socks, and there must be some sort of knitting Christmas miracle in the air, because I finished these in five days! Am I becoming a faster sock knitter, or are my socks proof that work and school get in the way of my knitting life? I'll post pictures of these miracle socks soon. (I would post them now, but I just spent the morning interviewing at MLA and need to get the shock out of my system.) Too bad I couldn't be this proficient during the Knitting Olympics.

My mother wore her birthday socks on the day after her birthday! Yes, there must be some knitting miracle in the air. I couldn't believe it. I even washed and dried them for her. (It is true: Koigu can be washed with cold water in the washer on the handwash cycle and put in the dryer. The colors faded just a tad bit, but there was no shrinkage or felting.)

I want to thank all of you who have expressed interest in my contest. I have revised the original post below. You can now make your square or blanket or afghan in memory of someone who had cancer, for someone who now has cancer, or for someone who has survived cancer. I will make a post with all the names sent to me, and you may send in nick names or first names only if you don't want to send in full names.

I'll leave you with some Texas orchids grown in my parents' greenhouse.


The_Add_Knitter said...

I love the orchids, they are gorgeous! How funny, my parents have a green house too, but they only grow geraniums...
Ok, WOW, you're interviewing at the MLA? GOOD LUCK on the market and don't let the uptight dressed-in-all-black MLAers psych you out!
You finished a pair os socks in 5 days? Amazing...yes, school and work do get in the way, don't they?

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Those orchids are so gorgeous it's hard to believe they are real. The socks are very cool too--I love the colours in them.

K. said...

I have an orchid with blooms like those. I love them! You just amaze me the way you turn out socks. I wish I knit them as fast as you do. My feet would be so cozy if I did.

Debra said...

You've knit some *looong* socks! How did you like your Hundertwasser yarn from Opal? I've been thinking about ordering it.