Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My first contest: a blanket drive for Mom J and Aunt G

There will be many fabulous prizes through the contest and at the conclusion. Prizes include Lorna's Laces and Trekking XXL 126.

* * *

I want to thank all of you who offered words of kindness and support to me and Mom J's family. After I posted about Aunt G passing away, Mom J left this comment:

"Dear Jen, During my Sister's illness on the long nights in the hospital, knitting brought me some comfort, the rhythm of the clicking needles broke the extreme quiet. I did three baby blankets for the two newest family additions born during Aunt G's last hospital stay. I love your idea of a wool diet, which gave me the idea that I would like to start knitting blankets in her memory for cancer patients and donating them to the hospital where Aunt G was treated with gentleness and love. Perhaps other knitters would like to join in. Blankets can be of any size, unfortunately cancer strikes all ages. A cozy blanket will offer not only warmth but comfort."

To help Mom J in this end and in Aunt G's memory, I'm having my first contest on my blog. (I've won two contests this past year, and this is the perfect way for me to repay the generosity that others have shown.)

If you would like to help Mom J and me in offering blankets to cancer patients at the hospital where Aunt G stayed, you'll be entered in a raffle for fabulous prizes. I'm not sure what the prizes will be yet, but they will definitely be worth your time. (Once I have the prizes assembled, I'll post pictures to entice more knitters.)

Here are the contest rules

1.) You can knit or crochet any of the following items: an 8" x 8" square, a baby blanket, an afghan, or a blanket that could be used on a twin-sized hospital bed.

2.) Each item you knit will give you a certain number of raffle entries:

8" x 8" square: 1 entry
baby blanket: 5 entries
afghan: 10 entries
blanket that could be used on a twin-sized hospital bed: 15 entries

3.) Let me know if you are making your item in memory of someone who had cancer, for someone who now has cancer, or for someone who is a survivor of cancer. I will add their names or nicknames to a post. If you don't want me to post their real names, you can give me a nickname.

The squares will be sewn into afghans by me, and you may knit as many squares as you like. Each square will earn you one entry.

I'll accept fibers and yarn of any kind, so start looking into your stashes for those yarns that have been sitting around with no loving and get to knitting!

The contest will be open until June 15. All items should be postmarked by that date.

Update: The postmark deadline has been extended until July 1! Get your squares here!

If you want to participate, please email me at emerald_atlas at yahoo dot com for an address.

I hope you'll participate. Happy knitting.

Lone Knitter


K. said...

What a great idea. There is nothing so nice as destashing for a cause.

Heather said...

Sounds like a great thing to participate in, I'll do it with pleasure--Esp. since I don't have to do any sewing!:)

Lone Knitter said...

Thanks, Heather! I wasn't able to find your blog...but email me at emerald_atlas at yahoo dot com for an address once you're ready.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Hi, it's me! (the add knitter), I don't know why my profile wasn't showing!:( But I'll be happy to participate...

mjehle1034 said...

Aunt P and I are so touched that you've chosen a blanket drive in Aunt G's memory as your very first contest. We'll be putting together some great prizes (yet to be determined) in gratitude for you and your fellow knitters "taking on our cause". Word is spreading, so hopefully this effort will be on going, we can't cure the disease but maybe we can put a smile on a patient's face. Love you, Mom J

Bee said...

Great idea...I'd love to help and participate. I'd better get looking for those random balls of yarn in my stash.

Kell said...

This is something that touches my heart,and hits very close to home. in april, it will be a year since my aunt passed from cacner. altho I am a new knitter, I would love to help you with this.

larissa said...

Hi there,

I'm holding a square along too, so I feel very compelled to join yours. I have most of one square finished for you, and I blogged about it so maybe I can send more people your way. Will you email with the address? Is that how it works?

JaneD said...

Hi LK!

I'm so glad to pitch in--knitting for a cause is always great. How do you feel about crochet entries? Granny squares?

You do realize, though, that this project will further delay my venturing into the world of sock-knitting.

Lone Knitter said...

Hi, JaneD. I wasn't able to find your blog to respond to you, but I wanted to let you know that crochet entries are most definitely welcome. Granny squares are certainly welcome! Yrs, LK