Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sock One Officially Done

What I love about knitting is the awe that I feel when I've completed a challenging project. After making a sock with worsted weight yarn on dpns, I really enjoyed teaching myself the magic loop and using sock yarn. I don't know if I really like the colors and feel of this Supersocke yarn, but it wasn't terrible to work with. Not only did I teach myself a new sock-making method, I also forced myself to knit by grabbing the yarn instead of wrapping it. Once I got the rhythm down, the sock began to fly. I think it's going to be a real challenge, however, to finish the other sock by the close of the Olympics. I'm already getting antsy to teach myself toe-up socks with short-row heels. I don't like the way the kitchner graft makes the toe look, so I'm hoping to learn a round toe or toe-up socks. So, my dreaded second sock syndrome has more to do with redoing a method than actually making the second sock.

When I showed my boyfriend my completed sock, he said it looked like a giant sock and that it also looked like an aardvark. It does. The way the sock is angled at the toes does make it look like a snout-nosed animal. He also asked me about my gusset holes and if I could fix them. So, I know that if he noticed them that the holes must be mighty noticable. A special thanks goes out to the A.D.D. Knitter for saying that the holes weren't so noticable.

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The_Add_Knitter said...

I can so relate to your comment about 'redoing a method'. I agree that the kitchener stitch always looks vaguely bootleg...nice work, go magic loop!!!