Friday, April 18, 2008

A pair of my own; a sock knitter's despair

Heelless Sleeping Socks

A pair of my own

I've made these Heelless Sleeping Socks several times now as gifts, but I've never knit a pair of my own. Last Christmas, Mom J gave me something very high on my sock-knitting wish list: Claudia's Handpainted in the Red Wagon colorway. I hoarded this yarn, but then I thought how I wanted a pair of sleeping socks and how this yarn would be perfect for the pattern. So I finally made a pair of my own. I only had to use one skein of the yarn. So I could use the other skein for another pair or for something else.

A sock knitter's despair

The reason why I love sleeping with my Jaywalkers: too snug, they don't come off at night.

It's true: once you start wearing hand-knit socks, it's hard to go back to all that elastic and seaming that's found in manufactured socks. So I travel with my hand-knit socks. So far, I've never lost a pair.

When I went to New Mexico earlier this month, I brought these beauties along. For some reason, the hotel staff thought I was only staying for one night. So when the housekeeper came to freshen my room, she changed my sheets. My socks had come off during the night and were embedded somewhere in those sheets.

I left my address and phone number with the hotel, but I don't think I'll ever be seeing those socks again. I'm very sad. Those socks were knit toe-up and were in my top three favorite socks for how they fit. The good news is that Coley, who dyed up that yarn for me, sent me a huge skein of it, and there's enough for another pair.

I don't know if I'll travel with my hand-knit socks again. I don't think I could stomach another loss.


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Despair indeed!! Oh wow, that would be tough to recover from...

Crafty Pancakes said...

Oh no! That is such a bummer. Stick with lame store bought socks for your travels I guess.

schrodinger said...

Oh that really sucks!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will actually find them and mail them.

monica said...

That would cause dispair indeed.
Those are beautiful too. When I clicked on the link, I thought, they really do look like Strawberries and Creme.... yum
I hope they find them and send them back.