Friday, July 27, 2007

These Little Poochies Went Very Quickly

Little Poochie

Guess what everyone? Manly drew the names of the contest winners yesterday! I'm looking around my stash for extra prizes, but I have a feeling that I'll just throw in some skeins of my Woolly Boully yarn. So, I'll have to draw those winners tomorrow. I'll also post the drawing results here tomorrow. Why tomorrow? Well, Manly's leaving on a trip tomorrow, so today is spend-the-day-with-Manly-day and no yarn dyeing or yarn winding or yarn anything today. He's still sleeping right now, so I'm sneaking this post in. By the by, this is my restriction--you know I love you if I'm putting the fiber away for you.

See the little skein of yarn above? It's name is Little Poochie. At first, I didn't want to name it, thinking that I would become too attached to it. (Animals have a way of staying around once they're named.) There were only six in the liter, and they went very quickly. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find them homes. Because they were so popular, I'm working on a secret Poochie project.

p.s. Thank you all so much for your kind and sympathetic words about my migraine. I'm feeling much better now.


Woman who knits said...

Poochie is adorable! It's a beautiful yarn!

skywitch said...

This is gorgeous! I hope there will be some available in your shop at some point. I love it!

So glad you're feeling better.

gkomkai said...

Glad you're feeling better! I didn't even see your Poochies until after they were all sold..I think my rss feed missed it! I guess I'll have to wait and hope you dye some more. =)

Thanks again!

JaneD said...

you're pretty.