Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lotus Seed Pod & New Contest & Squares

This a seed pod of a lotus. The seeds are edible, and they taste clean, hardy, immaculate. These lotus blooms are from my parents' pond in Texas. They have a few ponds throughout their property. The lotus pond is my favorite. This photo was taken with my old camera. Guess who placed an order for new camera? Yep yep yep. I'm so excited. It will be here Thursday.

Here's a NEW CONTEST for you folks:

As you might know, I'm currently testing out various yarn bases to develop Woolly Boully BIG BOULLY, a dk weight sock yarn.

My questions for you are: a.) Which of my colorways would you like to see in a dk weight?; and b.) Which two of my colorways do you like the best?

Sheri has a nice gallery of my sold-out skeins here, or you can browse the sold items at my etsy shop.

The winner, which will be chosen by a random number generator, will win a skein of my yarn in the colorway and yarn base of their choice. If you want to enter, just leave me a comment to this post with your answers to my questions by midnight on Tuesday, July 3.

Squares and an Extension

I've heard from some of you that there are squares on their way to me. I'm extending the postmark deadline to June 30th, so get those squares in the mail. I'll be doing the prize drawings shortly after that.

Here are some squares that were waiting for me upon my return to Brooklyn.

Senora Fuerte of Mommy, Look What I Made, sent in four lovely squares. Thank you, Senora. The browns and blues are so lovely together.

Kabira sent in these three beautiful squares. They are in honor of her mother, a cancer survivor, and in memory of her father and dear friend Sura. Thank you so much, Kabira, for sharing these with us.

Jessica sent in the a box of ten (!) squares. Wow. Thank you so much, Jessica, for your overwhelming generosity. Your squares are delightful.

Kathy of 3 Grrrls Knit sent in these squares with a touching note.

Kathy's note said: "My squares are for everyone who has been touched by cancer. My mother died of cancer, my husband had melanoma. (We were lucky and caught it early.) There are also the people like you and me who don't have cancer but love someone who does/die. So, my two squares are for all the people who are affected." I was so touched by Kathy's note that I wanted to share it with everyone. Thank you, Kathy.

Oh, and what do you know? Mims, who sent in squares throughout the contest, writes a knitting blog for the Orgeonian. Wow.


Lauren/knitting in the dark said...

That lotus pod is so strange looking and so beautiful - nature can be so inspiring. For the contest: I think Lunamoth would make an excellent choice for a DK weight yarn - it would be so sweet for baby items! My favorite of your colorways are Fishing with My Father and Wisteria... I would have snapped up that Fishing skein, but I have resolved not to buy sock yarn without nylon content as hand-knit socks get a lot of hard use around here.

Katie K said...

I can't find a name for it, but the kttle-dyed sock yarn yarn shown at:

is my vote for the DK yarn.

My favorite 2 yarns are: Moon Flowers and Wisteria.

Anonymous said...

For a dk weight - 100% merino would be best, since I wouldn't be using it for socks. And my favourite colours? Moon flowers & Kelp seahorse, of course. I can't wait till I move next week - I can buy yarn again!

The_Add_Knitter said...

I'm sending my squares in although they will not be in time for the drawing (that's ok, we did it for fun anyway!). I would love to see Wisteria as a DK weight. My fave colors so far are Wisteria and Autumn Tremblings....

K8 said...

I never knew lotus seeds were edible - how cool :)
For DK, I really like Neopolitan. My 2 favorite colorways are Kelp Seahorse and Beneath the Cherry Trees.

gradschoolknitter said...

I think that Beneath the Cherry Trees would make a good DK, but my fav colours are moon flowers and red robin. (two non-typical choices for me... but I like 'em!)

Senora Fuerte said...

For me, the answers to a) and b) are hard to separate.

I like Red Robin, Brooklyn Candy, Neapolitan, and Moon Flowers best. Okay, best two? Red Robin and Brooklyn Candy.

I think Moon Flowers would be best for DK, though.

Why? I don't know.

Mims said...

thanks for mention! (i wasn't trying to hide the blog, we just started it at the beginning of this month.)

as you might guess, red robin is my favorite and i would LOVE to see it in a dk. my second fav is autumn tremblings.

Mrs. H said...

That has go to be one of the hardest questions I've ever seen in a contest. Everything you do is so pretty! But I hafta say, Red Robin would be my choice for DK weight yarn. That was the first thing I saw on your blog when I first found it and bookmarked you right away. And my 2 favorites are Red Robin and Strawberry Moon of June... or maybe Luna Moth and Beneath The Cherry Trees... or... all of them?

katrynka said...

Hello, I haven't commented in quite a while.. but I still read faithfully. I shall have to say "Moonflowers" is my favorite!


K. said...

What colors would I like to see in dk? Autumn Tremblings, Neapolitan, Moonflowers, and Wisteria would by my top picks. I think my two favorites are Autumn Tremblings and Moonflowers. So many of your colorways would make beautiful shawls - something I have been thinking of making.

Melissa said...

You have so many beutiful yarns, but I think that Fishing with my Father would look very nice in a DK. And if I had to narrow it to my 2 favorite colorways I'd probably have to go with Moon Flowers and Kelp Seahorse.

Tiger Lily said...

hi lone knitter, and welcome back! i love lotus flowers too; have you visited the ponds at brooklyn botanic gardens? they really are lovely.

i have 3 more squares which i'll mail to you today. as for the colorways -- where to begin? i really do love them all but at this moment, fishing with my father and red robin are calling to me; and maybe kelp seahorse for DK. looking forward to the new colorways you'll no doubt be dreaming up soon too!

Kabira said...

Hi - so many lovely colors - how to choose just a few!

a)Red Robin, Hydrangea, Moonflowers, Kelp Seahorse

b) Red Robin, Hydrangea

Would love a new colorway with deep blues and silvers - the colors of night and moonlight

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

I LOVE the lotus pod--how cool is that? Fishing with my Father and Moon FLowrs are my 2 favourite colourways (although I love all of them) and as I prefer to make socks using a DK weight, I'd love to see either of those colours in DK!

knittingphilistine said...

Of COURSE I couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk about how much I love your yarn... in answer form. a) I think all of your lighter colorways would make great DK yarn for baby knits (EZ sweaters!!), such as Luna Moth and Lotus Blooms. I'd also suggest some of your darker colors for mittens and hats, such as Fishing With My Father and perhaps Moonflowers. As for b) well, the obsession runs deep, so I have to say right now I am really loving Fishing with My Father and Moonflowers. Oh, and Strawberry Moon of June, too.

yarn addict said...

That lotus pod is so amazing! I have never seen one before and i love that it is edible. Any of your yarns would be great in DK but I will pick Moonflower if I have to choose one. My two favorites are actually three...Wisteria, fishing and moonflower. Thanks for your beautiful contribution to the fiber world!