Friday, June 22, 2007

A Late Father's Day Post

I grew up fishing. There was a pond within walking distance of my childhood home; we caught sunfish there; my sister and I used bamboo poles. Instead of going to amusement parks, my family and I went camping, sometimes for weeks at a time. We fished at Texas lakes and quite often at the Texas coast, in a city called Corpus Christi, where an old airplane runway at the Navy base there served as a fishing pier.

In the photo above, I think I must be just about one, and my father is fishing at Brauning Lake. The tree you see is a type of willow; it doesn't weep.

My father said his new socks fit perfectly, that the heel was where the heel should be.

These socks (men's size 14) were made with my own Woolly Boully sock yarn in the Fishing With My Father colorway, which I dreamt up just for my father, over 72 stitches. I decreased to 68 after the gusset.

* * *

I received some squares while I was away, but I'll reserve those and contest news for another post. I wanted to keep this one for my father.


JaneD said...

The socks are really beautiful, as is the sentiment. I loved the photograph of little-you Boully atop lanky-Dad Boully.

I have at least two more squares for your drive waiting for you to return from Texas. Square production has slowed as dissertation has come front and center--although I'm taking some time off from both for a belated Father's Day celebration with my family.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Hooray for the heel being exactly where it should be!

Our church made up more squares, I'll send them out asap, sorry for the delay!

Jennie said...

Great socks! Love the color!

knittingphilistine said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dad. And WOW did those socks come out great! You've hooked me on that colorway (ha, pun intended!). Love it.

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Your socks turned out lovely. It's nice you have such wonderful memories. Your Dad sounds like a great guy. I grew up fishing on a pond near my home (for rainbow trout) and on the ocean (for salmon). The boy and I are going out to BC this Summer so he can go fishing with his Grandpa.

schrodinger said...

Now that's love for your father - size 14 feet, what a lot of knitting. Nice post, and I'm really glad that they fit perfectly.