Sunday, September 10, 2006

Postman, Postman on your rounds, who's the luckiest knitter in town?

Why, the Lone Knitter, of course!

What you're seeing above is hand-dyed superwash merino sock yarn dyed just for me! My Secret Pal, who dyed the yarn, named this colorway IHEARTPINK. She even put a little ball-band on the yarn! How cute. (If you like her handiwork, you should check out her Etsy shop every once in a while. She also spins!) She knows, very well, that I just simply love pink. When I saw this yarn, I just about died. I simply can't wait to knit it up. I think it will make lovely Valentine's Day socks or star-mint socks in time for Christmas.

Underneath the card and confetti, I found the hand-dyed yarn, a variety of Tazo tea (just in time for the brisk days of fall), a magnetic poetry set (geez, my Secret Pal knows I love poetry!), and a beautiful journal (my Secret Pal knows I'm a writer, too!) that kind of looks like the borders on my blog. She also inscribed the journal with this: Secret Pal 8 06/06-08/06. So now I'll remember this round of Secret Pal every time I write in the journal.

How thoughtful! I can't thank you enough, Coley. You have been the most thoughtful Secret Pal, and I was soooooooo lucky to be paired up with you. All of your gifts were meaningful and thoughtful and beautiful. You are awesome and the best Secret Pal ever! Thank you. Thank you.

I think that today, on this lazy-feeling Sunday, I'm going to make myself some tea, watch the US Open, put the magnets up on my fridge, write in my journal, and pet my new yarn.

(And, of course, I think there is some academic work to do (preparing for the creative writing class I teach and working on a contribution to a book of non-fiction writing exercises) that I don't want to do.)

On a Lasek update: my eyes are getting a bit better each day. I still wake up and think I need to reach for my glasses, and before bed, I always think I need to take out my contacts. It's strange. I still move my head close to my alarm and squint to read the time before I realize that I can read the clock without picking my head up from the pillow. TVs seem very clear, but words seem not so clear.

I just want to be able to knit like a mad woman.


Alice said...

that does look like really lovely sock yarn! I did some great socks in a similar colourway (slightly brighter, from fyberspates) - I used a solid pink for the toes, hels and ends of cuffs and they turned out really well. The solid parts (perhaps oddly) really showed off the verigated yarn.

Bee said...

You're very lucky with your Secret Pal...great gifts. You know, I haven't even found out who's been gifting me yet. I would like to thank her/him.

Glad your eyes are doing better. It takes a little time to get used to but since it's been almost a year for me since I did Lasik, I've entirely forgotten about glasses or contacts.

I'm with you...knit and watch the US Open later. I'm rooting for Roddick because I'd like to see someone else challenge Federer (who is an amazing tennis player). But I gotta do some lesson planning for this week. Bleh.

Lazuli said...

I hope your eyes continue to improve smoothly! And then you can knit and knit!

K. said...

What a great secret pal! That yarn looks wonderful. It makes me think of a candycane for some reason. Odd since candycanes aren't usually pink... You'll be knitting like mad in no time.

Specs said...

I'm so jealous!

And I can't wait to see what this sweater pattern is that you're so besotted with. I'm reconsidering my love affair with Coral Crossing because I've been tempted by my own design (that will probably never work). Now is the perfect time to start a sweater, because it will be done in time to show it off at Christmas.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Wow, the pink yarn is a true delight, you're a lucky girl!

Pink Dandelion said...

Goodluck with your eyes! Sounds like they're doing good :-)

Ooooh that yarn of loverly!!

LOL! I want a magnetic poetry set of "Pick up lines". Be sure to show us all those great pickup lines you come up with ;-)

Pink Dandelion said...

hrm... I should proof read my posts better - should be, that yarn *is* loverly!