Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A knitter's nightmare; one FO; current and future; p.s.; p.p.s.

A knitter's nightmare

The night before last, I woke up believing that I still had so much more exterminating to do.

My boyfriend believes that I don't dream normally. He says it takes me hours upon waking to dispel my dreams, whereas a normal person will quickly, seconds upon waking, realize the dream for its dream and seamlessly slip back into the waking life.

Not me.

I'll ask him, over and over again, why did you do this? What did you do that? And him merely saying, it was only a dream, can do nothing to soothe me.

So I dreamt, the night before last, that my apartment was infested with moths. In the dream, I told my boyfriend that he had to save my yarn. Quickly, I said, go and get my yarn and place it in plastic bags.

The moths were thick and everywhere.

My boyfriend says that my dreams seem to come from my waking life. I know what he means.

In late July, at my parent's place, there was an invasion of little butterflies. They were everywhere. It happens about every five years. They looked like little brown leaves falling from the sky. They fed off our figs. They rushed up in a cloud wherever you walked. The weight of them in the air seemed Biblical.

A few years ago, my apartment was infested with big, fat flies. My boyfriend begged me to stop telling people. He said it reflected badly on us. I tried to tell him it had nothing to do with us and everything to do with the squirrels living in our ceiling, squirrels that our landlady refused to do anything about. We had to call an exterminator, who told us that most likely one of the squirrels had died and the flies were coming in through the skylight that was cracked, a skylight that the squirrels should not have had access to but did because they had eaten a hole to it.

The flies were driving me mad. I sucked them up with my hand-vac.

There was also a post by Pink Dandelion a while ago about moths in a yarnstore.

In the dream, I knew I had to save my yarn stash. I knew I had to save my sweaters and wool coats. I took the hand-vac and started to suck up the moths, but then the moths turned into beautiful butterflies, big and colorful and unlike any butterflies I have seen on this earth. I felt badly; I couldn't kill the butterflies.

And then I woke.

This is how I dream.

One FO

Three weeks post Lasek, and all I have is one FO. Very sad.

The socks above were made over 56 stitches using KnitPicks Parade in the Gumball colorway. I used size two Addis and the magic loop method. I was doing pretty well with getting the stripes to match until the very end of the toe!

I'm happy that the worms are done. I didn't enjoy working with this yarn, but it did knit up quickly. Oddly, for the second worm, there was enough yarn and then some. Very strange.

Current and future

Now, I'm finishing MANFEET sock number 2.

Next, I'm going to do this with the pretty, pretty yarn that Coley sent me!


Ever notice how socks look absolutely perfect on some blogs, but when you go to photograph yours they bend and fold over and won't pose prettily? Well, I didn't know this, but those perfect socks look that way because of SOCK BLOCKERS! Why didn't anyone tell me about this? I just assumed that my socks were, well, ugly. Sock blockers aren't cheap, so I made myself some using a budget method: I just cut some out with cardboard. Someday I'll have real ones.


I signed up for Socktoberfest and am thinking about signing up for Hot Socks.


Coley said...

2 socks on 1 needles are fun. I did 2 pairs of socks thats way, toe up with afterthought heels. It's help sock knitting A.D.D because there are done at the same time!

K. said...

I can't believe that a sock knitter like you hadn't heard of or seen sock blockers. I would like to have some, too. I have a question since you are on Blogger and use Flickr, too. How in the heck do get the buttons to show up in your sidebar? I found a sample html to use on the Secret Pal 8 site, but it didn't work for me. I have searched in vain for this info on the web. If you can tell me the secret, I would be SO grateful!

Specs said...

I hadn't seen sock blockers either! But I've still got some cardboard boxes around here from my move, so some of them are destined to be cut into feet shapes.

Lazuli said...

Your socks look great! You are doing really well for being three weeks out of eye surgery! I have vivid dreams, too, that tend to stick with me during the day. My husband, on the other hand, forgets his pretty much upon waking.

Patty said...

You know how we were talking about the pros and cons of the toe up? Well did you check this pattern out? I heard about it on Cast On (my all time fave knitting podcast) and she put the link on her page. She said she always hated the toe up, but this is the perfect pattern. Check it out and let me know what you think at next Knitting Circl

Anonymous said...

It may be that if a butterfly flaps its wings in California, there's a tidal wave in Japan, but seems also that if a knitter in NY dreams of moths, a knitter across the state invests in Ziplocs. This weekend's procrastination technique was inspired by you and your dream. See, you can tell your boyfriend that not only does real life inspire dreams, but it works the other way around!

Oh, and have you tried the magic cast-on for toe-up socks in Knitty? I may be a convert. It's so easy and I got no bumps or holes as I do when I use the short-row method.

Back to writing... or bagging up more of my stash!

Pink Dandelion said...

If I have a dream where someone I know acts like a real jerk, I have trouble not being mad at them over it for the rest of the day. LOL!

I've considered cutting sock blockers out of cardboard... hrmmm...