Monday, July 31, 2006

Jaywalker & Mountains

Soon, quite soon, Jaywalker 2's toe will be done and grafted; so before that, I wanted to share a little photo that I took for you while I was in Thailand. Here is Jaywalker 2 amid the mountains of my mother's hometown and the pasture where her cows graze. (Cows not pictured.)

This photo certainly doesn't do anything justice: it can't convey the teak trees, the bamboo and banana plants, how they themselves graze up towards clouds that gather and glide against the mountains, at times seeming so close that you think you can touch them.


Lazuli said...

Hello! I found your blog while you were on your trip and wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading a few of your recent posts! The socks look wonderful (the jaywalker goes so well with the green mountains!) and I think it would be fun to hear about your trip and see pictures!

Specs said...

Looks beautiful!