Monday, October 13, 2008

ugh...I want a new wheel

I want a new wheel because I'm just fickle like that. I like my Louet S17; it's all right; I taught myself to spin on it; it makes yarn; it plys; there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. I just want a double treadle wheel now because I'm getting a bit sensitive to that dead spot on the wheel, which I never noticed before or cared about before. Something happened. I began to spin ever-so-finely. That's just how I spin now, and I want a wheel that can really accommodate that. Or maybe I just want a new wheel just for the wanting, but I can't justify that expense right now. I think that maybe I should have a wheel for at least two years before I get a new one; this means I have to wait until May. That's terrible.

I spun this up about two weeks ago. It's BFL dyed by Pigeonroof Studios. Krista makes beautiful roving.

BFL Pigeon Roof Studios

This was my third time spinning up BFL, and I have to say: I'm either really bad at spinning up BFL or I just don't like it: I think I just don't like it. It's not as slick and smooth as merino, which I adore spinning. I also can't get the BFL to spin up as finely as I can spin merino.

BFL all spun up

Hence the pure ugliness of this yarn, or maybe it's my wheel: I want to blame my wheel so that I can get a new one.

I want to start doing Navajo 3-plying. I saw some beautiful handspun sock yarn at a Thing for String. Micki's handspun is so awe-inspiring. I want to make handspun that's as lovely as hers. I know this is my destiny and that somehow a new Lendrum DT is a part of that destiny.

I have some silk/merino sock yarn drying. It's going to Pam at Yarny Goodness, and that will be all for the wholesaling for the foreseeable future. I promised Pam this yarn a long, long time ago. Oh, and she's having a sale today, so you should stop on by.

I may need some spinning wheel money, so I might list some skeins here and there on etsy; you'll know how badly I want a new wheel by whether or not I start dyeing.

I want to thank all of you who took time to leave comments on my last entry: I miss knitting-blogging. It was nice to know that you were thinking about me.


JaneD said...

your yarn is beautiful and would make the most beautiful knit something! what's it made of? I'm sure you can sell your current spinning wheel on craigslist and get yourself a new one. What's your new dreamwheel?

Bee said...

First of all, congratulations on your recent nuptials! Everything looked so beautiful!
I think your handspun looks great. But Im having the same problem with BFL like you. I think you should try the superwash...I found it a bit easier to spin compared to the non-superwash. I still have some issues spinning with merino though but then again, I'm still a newbie. You can also prolly resell your wheel through Ravelry too. I got a new wheel recently but Ravelry is a good place to research what people are saying about their wheels. I love mine...but that's a completely biased opinion. :)

K. said...

I want to spin fine yarn, too. I'm still just spinning with my handspindle, but I really want a wheel. I want to make sure I get the right one so I don't find myself wishing I'd gotten a different one.

I think that yarn is very pretty!

Micki said...

Well, I for one don't think the yarn is ugly at all! :)

Although I've never spun on an Irish tension Louet wheel, I know many spinners who have commented that they're not ideal for spinning finer yarns. I do have a Lendrum DT myself, and it can do pretty much anything.

As for BFL, well, not everyone likes it (I do, though). :) My only suggestion is to keep your hands farther apart when drafting than you do for merino to account for BFL's longer staple length.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Ok, where have I been that I didn't even know that you were spinner?!!

X said...

(1) Are you still in Brooklyn? I'll come buy your old wheel TODAY!

(2) You could always sell some handspun. Hint hint hint hint. <3